Hello and Welcome! 

I am a natural light photographer who have always been inspired by creativity and have an eye for all things artistic.  However, most of my time has been devoted to pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy and establishing my healthcare career.  Art has always been a question of "what if. " 

Until now.  

Since picking up the camera, I've discovered a love for the lens, which has quickly become my fifth limb.   More than a creative outlet, I've found a passion, a past time, a joy, a talent, and a way to serve others through photography.  My aesthetics is fun, modern, and fresh - with a stylish flare.   My love for photography came from a desire to capture and document life as it unfolds in a series of still life images.   With every session, I aim to capture you in the moment.       

I hope you follow my journey in this newfound passion.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope to meet you one day!