Italy - Florence & Pisa

Onto Florence we went.  I wish we had more time to explore Florence and the Tuscany countryside but this was a quick stop on our trip.  My favorite moment in Florence was watching the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo.  It's breathtaking!  By the way, something not to be missed when you're in Florence is to try their bistecca alla fiorentina.  The porterhouse steak is usually the size of your head and a carnivore's dream - definitely a great reward after a long day on foot.  By the way, a tip we learned from the locals is the best Gelatos are the ones kept in tin covered bins to ensure optimal temperature.  Gelato shops with colorful exposed mountains of Gelato look pretty but typically sell supermarket quality Gelato, so avoid them.  Wow, that was valuable info!  From there on out, I vowed to never be duped by supermarket quality Gelato again! 

From Florence, we took a two hour train ride to Pisa.  When in Pisa, don't forget to do the obligatory tourist Pisa stance - scroll down to see!  People watching was definitely my favorite activity here!