A New Day - A New Year

I lost my Dad six days after my 35th birthday last year.  I lost him three months and fourteen days after my wedding day.   I lost him unexpectedly, abruptly, and without a proper goodbye.  I lost him in a manner that till this day still feels unjustified.  Needless to say, thirty-five was not the glorious year I had imagined.  Rather, it was a year I wish I could erase.   Thirty-five was a year I buried myself in such sadness that only time and the love and kindness of my husband, my family and my friends freed me.  It was a year that forced me to be vulnerable, to let down my shield and let others in. It was a year I stood still and now know that it’s okay, that stillness is not surrendering.  It was a year that I, too, died. But the part of me that lives knows now to live more vicariously and to love boundlessly.  

To thirty-six, to a new day, to a new year.

Please be gentle to me.

This morning’s sunrise - 11/13/18  Honolulu, HI

This morning’s sunrise - 11/13/18

Honolulu, HI