Our DIY Engagement Photos

Oh my gosh, just where did the time go!  Between planning a wedding, selling a home, and moving to San Francisco, I decided why not try to do my own engagement session, too! :)  It's something I've always wanted to do but wasn't sure if Dannie would comply.  Much to my surprise, he agreed to it... as if he already knew he didn't have a choice (haha).   Planning the logistics for this session was challenging.  I thought about setting up a tripod but there was a high chance of me tumbling into the water so I opted for a safer, "human tripod" version instead, aka Dannie's best man.   My sisters also took the day off and were my external eyes, ears, and hands.  It really took a village to make this happen!  We are so incredibly grateful!

With our wedding being just days away and the to-do list growing by the minute, I'm so glad we took time out to document us!