Wedded Bliss

Last year has been quite a whirlwind with my photography.  I'm so thankful for all of my clients who put their trust in me.  I've pushed myself hard and taken every opportunity to the fullest.  Recently, I had the honor of photographing Bosheng and Fengmei for their wedding portraits.   To be given the opportunity, to be chosen for such a momentous event, was amazing and definitely nerve racking.    If getting butterflies refers to indigestion, sleeplessness, and sweaty palms, then there must have been an entire colony of butterflies taking over me before this session.   As nervous as I was, it was a reminder of how much I love what I do.    All of my anxiety immediately disappeared the moment I found my frame.  I was in my zone and nothing could disturb that, except when a nice gentleman approached us to give Bosheng and Fengmei a two dollar bill as a token of good luck.   How sweet was that! 

Bosheng and Fengmei are an incredibly sweet couple.  I hope my photos captured her grace and elegance as well as her understated classic beauty.  Most importantly, I hope I've captured their adoration for one another.

PS:  I've received a few inquiries about wedding sessions.  At this moment, I'm a team of me, myself, and I, so I'm not quite prepared to photograph an entire wedding reception just yet.  However, I'd love to photograph your engagement, elopement, civil ceremony, wedding portraits, etc...  Bear with me, I'm still a growing photographer!

Leaving you with a few of my favorites from this sweet session.

Till next time, Ngoc