Summer Afternoon at the Palace usually where I try to avoid, especially for a photoshoot.  But, for some reason, I suggested to meet Wendy there for our session.  Unbeknownst to me, the Palace of Fine Arts was where Wendy and Josh got married, so returning there for their family's first photo session with baby Sarah was simply perfect.  

I always like to know a little about my clients before the session to make it a more personal experience but since I didn't know much about Wendy, I had to do a little Facebook stalking.  When I saw a picture of their family on a picnic blanket with Josh singing and playing the guitar, I knew I had to incorporate this into our session.  But first, I had to come clean with Wendy about my Facebook stalking.  Yikes.     Another wonderful surprise, Wendy and Josh play in a band, so they were more than happy with my suggestion.  Make sure you check out their band, The Cuss.  

I couldn't have had a more relaxing experience photographing this sweet family.  Wendy and Josh have this ease and coolness about them that just makes you feel comfortable in their presence.  It's no surprise that Sarah is one of the happiest babies I've photographed.  And when she needed comfort, all she had to do was look over to Dad for his beautiful singing and soothing guitar playing.  I'm not sure they realize it, but passerby at the Palace and myself all looked over at this sweet family of three with sheer admiration (and probably a teeny bit of envy).

Thank you, Wendy, for asking me to photograph your family.  And thank you, Josh, for responding to "Chris."  You really do remind me of Chris Martin!  I hope you both enjoy the photos as much as I did capturing them.  

Here are some of my favorites (essentially the entire session).

Till next time!  Ngoc