Gender Reveal Over Ice Cream - It's a Girl!

My flight to LAX was delayed, Natalie's nap time was off, Tsujita's ramen line was too long.  I was getting restless and anxious because the sun was setting before our eyes.  It was not in the stars for me to give Jane a proper photo session but what came at the perfect time was an email from her doctor, revealing the gender of baby #2.  Just as I had mentally resigned all hopes, we stopped by a cute shopping plaza in Santa Monica and found ourselves at Sweet Rose Creamery.  Because if all else fails, ice cream makes everything better.  Man, did the mood change as soon as we got into the shop.  I asked the server to bury a scoop pomegranate grapefruit ice cream underneath two scoops of coffee and vanilla and let the Kims go to town (the server actually told me she gave us 4 scoops because that's how much ice cream was needed to hide the pink).  Oh my gosh, I've never had so much fun watching someone eat ice cream as much as I did watching Natalie almost single-handedly destroy her "ikey."  I mean, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, she's Jane's daughter after all - it's in her genetics!   The moment Jane caught glimpse of the pink was indescribable.  The sheer look of surprise and joy.  I'm thankful to be a witness to such a special moment.   Love you all!  

Here's Daddy, accepting his fate of being perpetually outnumbered.

Look at Jane's smitten grin!  As for Natalie, she attacking this ice cream from every angle, irregardless of little sister or little brother.