Twin Peaks Family Session

"I've been here for 10 hours and I feel like I've lived a lifetime!"  

How profound! 

These were the words of my eleven year old nephew, Maxwell, describing his day trip to San Francisco for our photo session.   He usually hates photo sessions so it was amusing and a little shocking to watch the overnight transformation.  It guess it helped that he saw a naked man hanging out (literally) on the corner of Market and Castro on the way to to Twin Peaks.  Then he was completely taken aback by the view at Twin Peaks, which took me by surprise because I didn't realize he even appreciates those things.  He also fell in love with SF living when he got to visit Uncle Dannie's SF loft condo.  It's perplexing to watch this boy's reaction to what I consider "adult things" - like a condo or a beautiful view- but it's a reminder that he's growing up!  And I'm so thankful to be here to capture it.   I would have been okay if our adventure ended there but something funny happened on the way to the  Orpheum, Max got to witness a drug deal go down.   No worries, he's not harmed or traumatized, in fact he thought they were selling black peppers for $10.   Whew, I still have my little boy, for now.

Ava, on the other hand, had not a care in the world.  Truth be told, she'd probably be happier on a farm in her cowboy boots.  

Wonder how the kids will be at next year's session?

Oh, Mom & Dad haven't changed one bit - chic and beautiful as always!