I love weekend getaways.   Plucking oneself from the mundane and taking a 48-hour break from life is definitely my kind of weekend.  Long or short, near or far, there's something exciting about packing up for a trip that doesn't get old.  With Tahoe being just a three-hour drive away, I don't know why we don't go as often as we should.  

Falling asleep to a game of Corridor (actually, five, to break the tie since someone is super competitive), hiking by Emerald Bay, lounging by the lake, catching a movie, and eating to our hearts' content (the brisk cool air and homestyle diners made me crave chicken fried steak all day long) - it was the best impromptu getaway that I could ask for!

The trip was also a good excuse for me to take my new toy (Canon 6d) for a test run.  I have been debating over which camera to upgrade my Rebel T3i to - specifically, it came down to the Canon 6d or Canon Mark III.   For some, this sounds like a no brainer since the price difference for these two cameras is almost $1500!  I ultimately went with the 6d because it best serves my need at the moment and, in a sadistic way, I think I need to earn my way to the Granddad of all camera - the Mark III.    So far, the 6d is fantastic.  I've had the best time playing with the double exposure function, which is still a work in progress but I'm excited to keep exploring.

Here are some highlights from my trip.

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