Pumpkin Patch at Spina Farms

I love experiencing life through the kids - they make mundane activities fun and fun activities out of this world.  I also love handing them over to their parents at the end of the day.  I have the best job as an aunt.

Growing up in a first generation immigrant family, we barely grasped the concept of Halloween, so Pumpkin Patch?  That never even made it on the the need-to-learn-list.  Nowadays, my nieces and nephew get to enjoy the best of both worlds.  The combination of Western and Vietnamese tradition is a great excuse for us to indulge in celebrations and for me to over photograph.

This past weekend, I accompanied my two sisters with the kids to Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch.  We were overzealous this year by going to the farm incredibly early, so the sunflowers haven't bloomed and it was scorching hot (topping over 100°F).  Needless to say, this photographer was bummed out and just couldn't hide my pout - look who's the biggest kid of all!  We had to take a break from the farm and went to Little Saigon in San Jose for some Vietnamese sandwiches, fried sesame donut treat, and, my favorite, a refreshing kumquat - sugarcaine drink.  Ahhhhh.  Our snack break gave us the second wind we needed to brave the heat and return to the farm for some pumpkin picking, photo fun.  Sis, I think we better make snacking at Little Saigon a part of our pumpkin patch tradition.  What did I say, nothing beats a little East meets West!

The kids changed into their Halloween costumes and had a blast.  I have to showcase my talented sister's home sewn, Frozen inspired, princess Elsa costume - that she made from scratch (scroll down to view)!  Every night for the last two weeks, Phuong has been hand stitching this costume for Ava and it looks amazing.  I wonder if she's taking order.  Phuong, costume for pictures?!?!

Here are some images from the pumpkin patch, when I wasn't acting like a total Grinch.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Till next time, Ngoc.

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Photographer in front of the lens, courtesy of little Maxwell :)

Photographer in front of the lens, courtesy of little Maxwell :)

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