Hanna's Parents "Engagement Shoot"

Just kidding.  But it sure felt like shooting an engagement session.  

When Hanna asked me to photograph her parents, I was more than honored.  With my own aging parents, I am realizing that you have to cherish every moment because things can change really quickly.  She is such a great daughter for thinking about them.

The pressure was on for me.  Hanna warned me about stern Korean men (I'm intimately aware of that on my own, by the way).  But, boy, were we wrong.  Her Dad was a charmer and so fun and natural in front of the camera.  And Mom reminded me so much of Hanna in her smile.  I love the way Mom always looked over at Dad whenever she was nervous.  It was special to catch moments of sweetness between them because I know traditional Asian parents are notoriously devoid of public affection.  While some say the camera adds 10 lbs, I think standing in front of the lens brings out that innocence and vulnerability that makes us young again.

This shoot reminds me of why I love photographing people.  It's not just about the picture, but the moments I get to share in the making of it is something that I hold dear.  Each image is like a child that I groom and adore.  And, like a parent, my perception of them are probably very distorted.  Nevertheless, here are some of my favorites.  

Thanks for stopping by.

And thank you, Hanna, for trusting me.

Till next time, Ngoc



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