Baby Emme

I think seasoned photographers will frown on me if they know I released my photos just shy of a week after the session.   By choice.  I can't help it.  I'm green and obsessive, and abhor having a pending queue.  More than that, every session has been such a great learning experience, where I feel like I'm growing exponentially that I can't wait to dive into the pictures.  Since the session, all of my waking moments outside of my 40-hours work week was spent editing and curating the photos.  It's times like these that my work at the hospital - the real bread and butter to my income - kind of gets in the way.   

You'll often hear this from me (and I'm not lying either) but I was nervous before the shoot.  Lisa contacted me after seeing Baby To's photos through my friend, Leah.  Lisa also has a newborn baby and a super adorable four legged son.  She also lives in San Francisco with an amazing window view of the city.  Sounds similar?  It's no surprise that the two L&Ls are friends.  My biggest concern was the shoot would end up being a recreation of Baby To's session.   I guess this is where experience is teaching me that people make the photos unique.   Baby Emme and her main squeeze, Bailey, gave me so much personality that my worries were put to rest the moment I started photographing.

It's a given that Emme would be the star of the session.  But you've got to love it when her four-legged brother tries to steal the show.  My hands down favorite moment of any session thus far has to be when Bailey strategically inched his way into Mom's lap after she handed Emme to Dad - you have to scroll down to see the play-by-play!  I couldn't have asked for anything more special.  

Thank you Lisa & Chris for trusting me to be Baby Emme's first photographer.  

And thank you for visiting my blog.  Here are some of my favorites from the session.

 Till next time, Ngoc.