Invasion of the Seagulls

After finishing Baby Sage's session, my clients handed me a bottle of sparkling water and a power bar and, with that, I headed straight for my next appointment with Hollie and Allan for their family holiday shoot.  This was my first time booking two sessions back to back.  It was difficult.  I am so emotionally and mentally invested in each photo session that I'm often drained by the end of it.  Like going on two dates in one night, by the time I reached my second appointment, I wasn't sure if I could give them my all again.   Heck, I'm a serial monogamous dater so I can't even see more than one person in the same stretch of time, let alone two in a day!  Jokes aside, I knew the schedule would make this challenging but I also know that's how I learn best.

Any concern that I had prior to the session was quickly put to rest as soon as I met Hollie and Alan and their adorable boys, Aiden and Mason.  Sorry Mom and Dad, you're a beautiful pair but your handsome boys stole the show.  As if that wasn't enough, a group of seagulls decided to join us for the shoot.  It was so incredible and exhilarating.  I reached such a high that the weight of exhaustion from the day's shoot couldn't pull me down.  I can't and won't say more, you just have to see the pictures for yourself!

Thank you Alan for all the clever tricks you tried to engage Aiden.  And thank you Hollie for placing your trust in me.  

Here are some of my favorites.

Till next time, Ngoc.

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121414_3159 website.jpg