Baby Gweneth & Kona

Growing up as the youngest child, I usually shy away from babies because I didn't want to give my parents any reason to dethrone my position as the family baby.  Until now.  Since the birth of my nieces and nephew, to my close friends expecting, and, now, to my little clients, I am surrounded by babies.  And you know what, I've been right to fear them all along.  Babies are powerful.  They command the attention and adoration of everyone with their presence, just as quickly as they can instill fear in you with a single cry.  I haven't even mentioned their army of minions - parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, down to the family pet!  Jokes aside, I'm simply in awe of the unconditional love parents have for their child.  To witness and capture it is my favorite part of photographing newborns.

Meet my clients, Lianne and Frank, and their dolls, Gweneth and Kona.  How adorable is it that Kona is wearing her sister's tutu!  What a beautiful family!  

Here are some of my favorite photos from the session.

Till next time, Ngoc.