Kit & Ace

Have you heard of the company, Lululemon?  It's the athletic wear company that designs yoga inspired garments which makes you look so good, you'll want to... umm, skip the gym.  Well, they've created new type of luxurious machine washable cashmere (words that are almost never in the same sentence), called Technical Cashmere, which will be sold by their new company - Kit & Ace.  I have a strong inkling that I'll be living in these beautifully tailored, effortlessly chic, and luxuriously soft cashmere pieces, everyday.  If Lululemon makes me want to skip the gym, Kit & Ace may make me want to stay in bed to cuddle in its softness, looking effortlessly gorgeous (while editing photos, of course).  

Kit & Ace is opening a shop in Walnut Creek and have asked me to shoot an iconic photo for an in-store display.  One that would capture the essence, grit, and character of Walnut Creek.  What an honor to be asked, and, frankly, quite a shock to be chosen (I'm still pinching myself).  As a resident in the East Bay, I frequently visit Walnut Creek, but haven't gone beyond the perimeter of shopping and dining.  So this was a fun opportunity for me venture on a day photo tour of the city, while learning about its history.    

You'll have to visit the store to see the final product - opening at the end of this month.  

For now, follow my photo tour...