Tina & Arnold

I still get butterflies before a photo session, especially when it's for a friend.  In this case, not only have I known Tina since our undergrad days, but this session was their first family photo session since becoming a family of four.  No pressure, right?!  Fortunately, they are such a beautiful family, inside and out.  Many times I try to think of creative props to include in the shoot but for Tina and Arnold, they embody the simplicity and freshness of the modern day young family, so my goal was to capture them just as they are.  To add a more personal touch, we met at Arnold's alma mater, Stanford University.  This makes me think we better represent USC at the next session! 

Here are some of my favorite photos - my absolute favorite sibling photo is definitely of the kiddos in this session - hope you feel the same way too!  

Till next time, Ngoc