It looks like Baby Ohana Chloe just entered into her parents' loving arms today!   Congratulations, Roxanna and Naoki!   I had the pleasure of meeting these two over the summer for a maternity shoot at Filoli Garden.  It was definitely an interesting experience that ended with us being escorted out of the venue.  I'm still a little traumatized but I couldn't have found a better couple to share the experience with.  Roxanna and Naoki were so sweet, patient and found some humor in it all.   Good signs they'll be great parents!

I love photography for the creative aspect of it.  But since accepting clients, I've found an unexpected joy from meeting new people and being a small part of an exciting time in someone's life as they celebrate a milestone, a love, a birthday - being in the presence of happiness has  made me really happy.  

Back to this beautiful couple.  Wishing you as many restful nights as possible and don't forget to cherish every moment.  From what I hear, it passes too quickly!

Here are some of my favorites from the session.  Roxanna looked so darling that some visitors thought she was getting married that afternoon!

Till next time, Ngoc