The Hazen Storm

Be prepared to be blown away by the "Hazen Storm".  

I honestly don't know how Erica and Dale can handle so much cuteness under one roof.  Dakota, Thunder, Lightning, and Rayn are soooo darling.   I'm even smitten by their names.  More than their looks, what I adore most about the kids are their personalities - their sweetness and politeness is so refreshing.  It is testament to what wonderful parents Erica and Dale are. 

This session was perfect in every way.  As soon as Erica mentioned the location, we instantly shared the same vision for a wholesome white T-shirt and blue jeans look...with one minor difference.   I envisioned the boys shirtless  next to the barn but, in this day and age, that's not exactly something you want to request.  Fortunately and strategically, I waited until the end of the session to bring this up.  I'm so thrilled that they went for it!  And I'm so thrilled with the results!

Here are my favorite photos of the session.  Enjoy!

...and kids, please don't forget I was your early photographer when you become supermodels one day!

Till next time, Ngoc