Sessions like the one I had with Chloe do not need words to describe how amazing they are.  I just hope that I have the talent to capture her innocence, vibrance, and exotic beauty.  I have said it before and it holds true every time, there's a sort of intimacy in photographing someone.  Through the lens, I see specks of personality that grows as the session progresses, an initial reservation and vulnerability that evolves into beauty, and, in myself, I'm finding more patience to let this process happen.   There's always a favorite moment at each session that defines it - this one came from the look of excitement on Chloe's face when I pulled out my jar of glitters.  Her doll eyes sparkled more than the glitters themselves.  Her Mom and I were exhilarated as we watched Chloe color the sky, tree branches, and pavement with glitter for me to photograph.  This is what I hope I can bring to my clients - beautiful photos and sheer joy in the process.

Here are some of my favorites from the session.

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Till next time, Ngoc.

Note on Styling - I was lucky enough to have Chloe and her Mom's complete trust in my vision.  From hair idea to wardrobe, to Chloe's fresh makeup, and to the flowers that I placed in her hair - both Mom and daughter gave me 100% creative liberty.  Thank you!

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