Senior Portrait - Aaliyah

Meet Aaliyah, a seventeen year old beauty who loves baseball and art, fashion and clothes.  Whose future goal is to be a model, actress or dentist.  But for now, a hard working junior at Mt. Eden High School.  

Reading through all of the applications for my High School Senior Representative program, I can't help but yearn for that sense of hopeful innocence again.  While their school curriculum and extracurricular activities makes me nauseous, meeting my teenage clients reminds me of how refreshing it is to be just at the brink of life - the excitement, joy, and fear - all bundled in their beautiful youthful bodies.   Getting to document this milestone life passage is quite an honor.  To my high school senior clients, I hope my photography captures your beauty and youth, your personality and quirkiness and, most importantly, you at this moment in time.      

Thank you, Anna, for entrusting me with your daughter's photoshoot.  And thank you, Aaliyah, for your willingness to try every pose, even if it means getting poked and prodded by bugs and tree branches.  Your radiance shined through every frame and every image.  

Here are some of my favorite photos.  Believe me, it was hard not to post every image from the session!

Till next time, Ngoc