Live to Shuck

...and I wouldn't have it any other way!  I took my family to Hog Island Oyster farm to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  My family are oyster virgins who don't particularly like to eat anything raw.  I'm the opposite of that.  I've been known to eat a few dozen fresh oysters on my own before.  The shocking thing isn't how much I could consume but how fast I'll crave them again.  Anyway, we prepared the oysters several ways - raw with a dash of ponzu or tabasco and lemon, and grilled with green onion oil served with a sweet and spicy Vietnamese fish sauce and Vietnamese herb (I never know what they're called in English).  We even shared the latter with one of the workers and he loved the fish sauce!  Not surprisingly, my sisters found herself enjoying them, enough to be telling me she wants to go back to the farm.    Of course, I did introduce them to the creme de la creme, kumamotos.   My sister, Phuong, also discovered her hidden talent of being a master shucker.  We rounded out the meal with steamers in lemongrass, coconut milk, Thai chilli, and Vietnamese herb.  mmMmm.  Oh. so. good.  Seriously, we never go hungry with my parents.

I'm definitely salivating and craving some, ahem, a few dozens, right now.