I got to visit Toronto for the first time this past winter.  Immediately upon landing, I was treated to a Chinese seafood restaurant that served fried Alaskan king crab legs and lobster piled up tower high with crispy garlic chips and fried anchovies.  Needless to say, that is how I like to be greeted at the start of a vacation.  Dannie grew up in Toronto so it was really nice to get a tour of the city through his narration.  We visited a snow covered Niagara Falls, which was so dreamy and mystical.  Welcomed the New Year over poutine - when in Canada, ehh?  Cozied up with the family pooch after long days of sightseeing.  Laughed over funny childhood pictures and thank God that puberty did its thing.  Developed a surprising craving for Canadian hot dog vendors - seriously, flamed grilled dog with bacon bits topping is the way to go!  Woke up to snow covered rooftops, which I looked forward to every morning.  Ate Chinese food any chance I got.  Traveled downtown to see the CN tower.  And, most importantly, met with friends, old and new.

Here are some snaps from the trip, when my fingers weren't frozen from the bone chilling cold!

Till next time, Ngoc.

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