Ellie Bear Turns One!

Has a year gone by that fast?!  This was our Ellie bear not so long ago.  I still can't stop chuckling when I look at her baby photos because she looks so much like her Dad, trapped in a miniature body, and wrapped in a blanket.  It's both adorable and startling at the same time, haha.

Something really special about taking photos of your childhood best friend's kid is you see so much of them in this little person.  As much as we joke that Ellie is her father's daughter, her food loving, stain embracing, don't like to be touched traits are all Sally's, all the way!  Love you Ellie Bear, now stop hoarding my ice cream!       

Fast forward a year later and we have ourselves a little street style fashion blogger in the making.

Like her Mom and aunty, the way to Ellie's heart is through Ici ice cream!

We're twinsies!